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The latest battleground is Connecticut, where the state legislature faces calls from the taxi and limousine commissions to include mandatory fingerprinting as part of a larger ridesharing regulation bill.

Proponents argue that recent allegations of assault by Uber drivers are evidence that the existing private background checks run by Uber and Lyft are insufficient for public safety.

For DHS licensed facilities and services, this training alone does not meet the requirements of 245A.65, subd.

3, which requires in addition to informing mandated reporters of the reporting requirements and definitions, requires the license holder to inform mandated reporters of the license holder's program abuse prevention plan, and all internal policies and procedures related to the prevention and reporting of maltreatment of individuals receiving services. If you want to add it to your Trainklink transcript, you can do it by self-reporting directly from within the transcript view screen.

In just the last year, we’ve seen heated debates over this question in Austin, Houston, Boston, Maryland and New York.

Every day, we see new examples of politicians and public figures making bizarre statements in defense of abortion. Becky Buell is a young mother of two in Northern California.

Just last week in Utah of all places, the Democratic House Majority Leader, Brian King of Salt Lake City, lambasted fellow legislators for using the word “babies” in reference to abortion. When she was 17, she was pregnant for the first time, and though the father of her child initially stepped up and married her, the marriage wouldn’t last.

Mandated reporters generally are people who come into contact with children as a part of their employment, practice of their profession and, sometimes, as volunteers in child-serving programs.

The Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) was amended in 2013 and in 2014, including significant changes to the list of people who are mandated to report suspected child abuse.

The wrapped up its coverage of a bill mandating that abortion businesses make women aware of the RU-486 reversal process—which has saved over 200 babies to date—with the following quote from King: What we are talking about are zygotes and fetuses and embryos. When I hear an individual refer to an unborn child as a baby, I know immediately they are not to be taken seriously. King wants you to know that if you call—in his words—“an unborn child” a baby, he’s going to dismiss you right out of hand. Things were falling apart in that marriage when Becky found out she was pregnant a second time.

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