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Individuals in career transitions, those reentering the workforce, and those updating technical skills, as well as those seeking knowledge enrichment, are among the 25,000 students each year.WD&CE is certified by the Learning Resources Network (LERN), an international association in lifelong learning.The window of time for annual renewal is April 15th through June 30th of the year that a license expires.Please submit renewal requests only during that timeframe.​The courses are free for individual students, residents, and professors, as well as members of the Least Developed Countries.Montgomery College offers more than 130 programs of study to enable you to achieve your goals.Renewal requests submitted prior to April 15th will be returned.The North Carolina Professional Educator's Continuing License must be renewed every five years.

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If you would like more information about our full range of courses or alternative dates please contact us A trio of Computing Science students at RGU's School of Computing Science and Digital Media have been awarded the sought after Carnegie Vacation Scholarship to allow them to conduct research over the summer.

Coursera offers a wide range of course topics – just check out their list of courses starting soon to find one that interests you. We cover a lot of ground here at Make Use Of, and it’s not just cool websites and tools.

Over the years I’ve written countless Word Press and programming tutorials.

Having paid through the teeth for a university education – the content of which I haven’t used at all in the 10 years since graduating – I was skeptical about how much real world value could be gained from a free online course – especially when you don’t even get a degree certificate at the end of it to put on your resumé.

But I was pleasantly surprised by my first foray into Coursera with the Gamification course I took last year: the lectures were stimulating and genuinely useful; the tests were quite difficult and the written assignments were indeed a challenge. I passed – along with my coworker Tina – with a top grade, and have constantly made use of that knowledge in many aspects of my job since.

Personal development should be a part of your life – every, single day.

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