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Contrary to popular wisdom, if you don’t snooze, it turns out, you’ll lose.Afternoon nappers have included Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton and Napoleon, so you’ll be in good company if you stretch out on the sofa after lunch.(By the way, did you happen to notice on one episode of Runway that Santino’s “best friend” is Madonna’s exboyfriend Tony Ward? ) Five of the finalists on the BRAVO program were graduates of FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in Los Angeles.Namely, Daniel Franco, Guadalupe Vidal, Nick Verreos, Raymundo Baltazar, and Santino.Far too much of Project Runway All-Stars has consisted of “make a pretty dress” challenges: Make a pretty dress for the opera; make a pretty dress inspired by a gelato flavor; make a pretty dress inspired by a vacation destination; make a pretty dress inspired by a flag.Very few challenges have placed serious limitations beyond the vague “inspired by” tag.The other half came when he found the parallels that character possessed to his own life.“I had been wanting to do something about fatherhood, divorce, struggle, and what it’s like at this stage in life–20 years after that last one I did–that’s just a snapshot of what my life is, in a very naturalistic way where I could have observations that could just flow without trying to make it fit into another context,” Favreau explains.

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“I’ve been trying to work a chef into different things I was writing, because I really like that type of character. If I’m curious about something, it’s fun to do the research and give it dimension.”For Favreau, “research” involved watching a lot of and reading a lot of Anthony Bordain–and cooking under the tutelage of Roy Choi, creator of the Kogi Korean taco truck.

However, Rice was among the bottom two scores for four challenges.

Ultimately, he lasted throughout the season and was one of three finalists selected to show at Olympus Fashion Week in New York City.

(And even then many of the designers haven’t been able to pull together a pretty dress. ) The dollar-store and “clothes off your back” challenges definitely did so, and the Godspell and Miss Piggy challenges could have if the designers were required to take into account their supposed clients’ needs, but we all know how that turned out.

So after my initial dread of hearing Angela shout flatly that this challenge would be about “INN-O-VA-TION AND TECH-NOL-OGY”—oh God, what HP product are they going to have to pretend to be excited about this week?

Nothing that comes down that runway flashing with LED lights and glow-tape is going to make a viewer say, “I would wear that”—unless perhaps that viewer is planning a trip to Burning Man this year—so the challenge becomes making something dramatic and unusual without being totally hideous.

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