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They made love on a bed with raindrops (and chicken blood) dripping from the ceiling through the leaky hotel roof during a rainstorm, while listening to the radio playing the sultry tune "Soul on Fire" by Laverne Baker.

Conflicts with his family, a local preacher and ...

Writer/director Alan Parker's supernatural-mystery film noir was set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was immediately controversial for the nudity and sex scenes of one of its stars, Lisa Bonet in her film debut, who was a child star as Denise Huxtable in the family TV show The Cosby Show.

, this list ranks the best movies with heart in the title, regardless of genre or rating.

What is your favorite movie with heart in the name?

During the course of his work, Harry encountered an illegitimate, half-Creole, teenaged voodoo practitioner Epiphany Proudfoot, reportedly the daughter of Favourite and Evangeline Proudfoot.

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