Invalidating someone elses experience

Invalidation is emotionally upsetting for anyone, but particularly hurtful for someone who is emotionally sensitive.

Invalidation disrupts relationships and creates emotional distance.

In some families, the invalidation becomes extreme, leading to physical abuse and even murder.

Some individuals very knowingly invalidate others as a form of manipulation, control, and psychological injury.

They’ll leave a conversation feeling much different than they did at the start, questioning themselves.

Hence disqualifiers say things in a way that allows them “plausible deniability.” They can claim they were misinterpreted if another important family members objects. The answer has to do with something that the psychoanalysts, who got a lot of things wrong, got right.

) A sensitive child who is repeatedly invalidated becomes confused and begins to distrust his own emotions. The Power of Positive Thinking was a big one at the time.

Studies have shown that it increases the likelihood of problems such as anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder in adulthood, and is sometimes labeled as a form of emotional abuse.

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