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He also became friendly with Joni Mitchell (they would stay up all night listening to jazz), and she recommended Neil Young, who joined James in a band called the Mynah Birds.

They got signed to Motown and were ready to release a single — but it got shelved when the U. armed forces caught up with James for going AWOL and threw him in the brig.2.

The BC SPCA launched an investigation into 38-year-old Brian Cutteridge after a veterinarian alerted the society about an infection the man's dog had.

The SPCA then seized three of Cutteridge's dogs as well as home videos.

O Canada James dodged the Vietnam War draft by heading across the Canadian border from his hometown of Buffalo, New York.

He admitted eight offences which occurred on various dates between March 2010 and October 2012.

, are true, then James led one of the most epic rock lives ever.

The Kind of Girls You Don't Take Home to Mother Some of the women James reported liaisons with: Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas), Catherine Bach (The Dukes of Hazzard TV show), Ola Ray (the video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller"), Iman (the supermodel), Teena Marie (his protégée), Jan Gaye (the wife of his friend and mentor, Marvin Gaye).3.

A Vancouver man could face up to ten years in jail if convicted, following allegations he performed sexual acts with his dog.

Presbury was also hopeful of finding work in the Ballina area and had approached a number of fishing trawlers.

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