Army dating in same unit regulations

Fraternization involves improper relationships, ranging from overly casual relationships to friendships to romantic relationships.When this occurs between officers and enlisted service members or between some other hierarchical pairing, as between a commander and an officer or enlisted soldier in her command, it can potentially undermine the chain of command, order, and discipline.

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Due to the small size of the unit, promotions will tend to be more limited and will only happen when the unit reaches certain milestones in membership size.

It really depends on what they would do to you if the forces actually found out.

As such, our uniforms and equipment will keep to what was the most "common used in this time frame.

The fielding of a crew served weapon will also warrant a promotion to an appropriate rank.

The unit NCOs would review such promotions, and then an individual who deserves the rank will receive it.

Not all contact between enlisted persons and officers or subordinates and superiors is prohibited, just contact that would compromise (or have the appearance of compromising) order, discipline, and the chain of command.

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