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At the time I was a student there, not yet a sex worker, living in student accommodation in an area of the city that had once been well-known as a red light district.During that time the city began a crackdown on kerb crawling and street prostitution that drove sex workers out from the well-trafficked, well-lit and policed city centre to the industrial fringes of the city. Stabbed multiple times, her killer got away unobserved.Keeley Abbott, lecturer in social psychology at Birmingham City University and lead researcher, said: “Our findings highlight a lack of understanding amongst teachers around what constitutes real inclusivity within the context of sex and relationships education.

We want a say in the policies that directly affect us - almost none of the legislation currently grinding its way through the UK and Ireland has consulted sex workers in any meaningful sense.

Having nervously dipped my toe into the waters of date-blogging with my previous offering,‘Tinder Surprise’, I had always intended it to be a one-off. So sit back, relax and for god’s sake, delete Tinder NOW WHILST YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.

However, following my last submission, I foolishly trundled on with the dating app and a number of events ensued that, if left untold, frankly could be considered an insult to the literary world. Just to refresh, my initial Tinder experience was quite enjoyable and I encouraged readers to try their luck on this revolutionary dating app… Now let us continue on our metaphorical stroll through the forest of my dating despair. Following the swift snuffing out of Tinder Flame 1, I have decided to shake off the drama and get back in the game.

I always opt for Carling over Cosmo’s, football over fashion and if I have to wear high heels they’re more likely to have come from Matalan than Manolo Blahnik.

However my recent dabbles with mobile dating app Tinder have seen me gain quite the understanding for the Sex And The City star.

Climax Online’s very own Alice Weekes gives dating app Tinder another go…

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